About D.I.Y. BAE

D.I.Y. Bae a.k.a. to her friends and family as Lisa,  is sharing her unique passion to help women plan their dream homes by tapping into the right skills and tools they need to kickstart their home renovation projects. 

She has been working on home improvement projects for years and has mastered the art and science of the planning process. Volunteering with other Non Profit Community Based Organizations has helped her hone the skills and apply those proven, tried and tested techniques to revolutionize a project.

Her experience coupled with exceptional skills motivated her to start this organization and help other Hardcore Kick-Ass DIY'ers transform their projects quickly. No matter what your needs are - from traditional to contemporary, from sophisticated to tranquil and to funky and bold, you can achieve your dreams and she will show you how!



Hammered Hard!

 All of this experience fueled with her passion began the journey to building this Organization, (literally).  Lowe's Meetups,Group Volunteering and one on one connections allowed Lisa to manifest into this Hardcore Kick-Ass DIY'er and the passion to want to show others, that they can do it too!  


Do It Yourself!

It’s all about hands on. She has the personal experience of her own with dealing with self management, contractors, and renovations. 


Make it Kick-Ass!

 In addition to her own experience, she's enhanced it by obtaining her certification in Construction and Home Improvement and her love of Houses. 

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Lisa is committed to helping women achieve their Home Renovation Goals by helping to create the best customized plans for their renovation projects.

Hammer Hard!

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